Accounting & payrolling

The payroll of permanent and flex employees demands extensive administration, expertise and thus time and cost. Since we have this expertise in house, we support many companies with payrolling. With this service we can take a heavy workload out of your hands. We offer payrolling services in the Netherlands as well as Poland. In Poland, we also provide a complete package of accounting. We guarantee:

  • Complete package of services

All legal, fiscal and financial matters regarding employment are taken out of your hands, in accordance with all regulations.

  • Business knowledge

Due to our years of experience in the international labor market, we have answers to all your questions about payrolling and salary, both in the Netherlands and Poland. We employ specialists for this purpose.

  • Network of advisors

For related expertise, we will gladly offer you access to our network of specialists, both in Poland and the Netherlands. We have close links with specialized lawyers, notaries, tax specialists and customs specialists who have a lot of experience in our field. They have answers to almost all issues.

Keep on doing what you are really good at? Leave the financial part up to us. Contact us now for the possibilities!