Temporary employment

Does your business require an effective and flexible shell? So that you can come through peaks and valleys more easily or moderate work project by project? Axell Group helps you to create that flexibility. From individual flex staff to complete (self-governing) teams. Short term or for a longer period. We can take business out of your hands. We guarantee:

  • Recruitment and selection focused on your specific needs

Through our own offices in the Netherlands, Poland and Hungary, we will find staff quickly and focus on the right specialists, for both temporary and permanent positions. We use our own proven methods, recruiting many staff online and through social media. If necessary, we also call on our regular recruitment partners in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and the Baltic States.

  • Customized training

Even before our flex staff begins working for you, we can start their training in-house or possibly in their home country if necessary. We can offer customized training and education.

  • Highly motivated flex staff

For all practical matters, our flex staff can access a fixed team of coordinators 24/7, who speak their own language. Among other things, we are able to support you with the transport of workers from the home country to the area where work is to be carried out, migration procedures, insurance, tax issues, but also, for example, doctor or hospital visits.

In addition, we provide social activities, so that there is plenty of room for relaxation and fun outside of working hours.

  • Fully provisioned accommodation and appropriate, safe transportation

Our own facility teams take care of the design and maintenance of all residential locations. This ensures quality housing. We are also responsible for transport to work and provide our own fleet of vehicles, which can be used by our flex staff.

  • Correct application of legal rules

Since 1999, we have been active in the international labor market and we have up-to-date knowledge of legislation, finance and all practical aspects of labor migration. We are a member of the ABU and OKAP, the leading branch organizations in the Netherlands and Poland.  We work in accordance with stricter terms than imposed by our certifications.