As a family owned company, we maintain a long-term vision and want to be future-proof. Therefore we take our responsibility towards the climate and the environment seriously. Currently we are working on the following areas. 

photo by: Oranjedak | Marco Timmermans

Mobility: efficient planning  

People will always transport items from A to B. At Axell Group, we do this as efficiently as possible. This means: less kilometers and energy consumption. Wfocus on the areas where we have the biggest impact and where we can improve relatively fastFor example, we drive with cleaner diesel engines (Euro 6), which means that our trucks emit considerably less nitrogen and particulates. We use advanced planning systems to make sure that our trucks are always loaded and take the most efficient routes. 


Energy saving and sustainable energy 

We apply ambitious energy-saving standards in our logistics centers. Relatively simple solutions, such as LED lighting with motion detectors, already contribute to this. 

In addition, we work hard to provide our company and our environment with sustainably generated energy. Since 2020 5000 solar panels on the roof top of Axell Logistics in Etten-Leur provide our own company and hundreds of households with green energy. We are proud to have one of the largest solar panel roof systems with in West Brabant. 

Investing in new technologies 

Sustainability is a continuous process and there is always room for improvement. We remain open to new techniques to reduce our footprint. For example, we investigatthe possibilities of using alternative fuels for our trucks.