Christmas celebrations in the Netherlands, Poland and Hungary

In every single country we have different Christmas traditions but because Axell team is mostly Dutch, Polish and Hungarian we will look into this 3 national celebrations of Christmas.

If you have ever been in the Netherlands during the December you must know that 5th of December (eve of Sinterklaas coming) is the most prominent day of December.

It’s Sinterklaas Avond! Pepernoot, Black Peter – inseparable elements of this day. Do you want to know more? Read here. But they also celebrate Christmas eve and the first and second Christmas day at the end of December. Mostly by going to church and by dining with family and friends.

Both in Hungary and Poland the most important day of December is Christmas Eve. Szent-este or Wigilia – names for special evening when whole families sitting down together around the table, full of traditional dishes. In Poland on the table must be 12 lenten dishes (carp, poppy seeds cake, cabbage, borsch are just an example). In Hungary also traditional dishes are quite similar (fish soup with carp, poppy seeds cake called Beigli or decorated gingerbreads. After the Christmas Eve supper in Poland and Hungary many people goes to churches where Christmas carols resound around. Read more here and here.

What about your Christmas celebrations? What do you like most?