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We strive to be the most reliable partner for medium-sized companies looking for integrated logistics solutions.


About Logistics

Axell has its own warehouses at 7 suitable locations in both the Netherlands and Poland. You decide if you want to use a dedicated environment of a public warehouse. We can also take care of warehouse activities at your own location. Due to our documents between the Netherlands and Poland, we are in efficient transport in the Netherlands and Poland is in the Netherlands.


Due to our diversity in services we are able to offer a price and stay. Upscaling and downscaling is always possible. We are therefore happy to support you with our storage and handling systems

Timeline of Axell Logistics

Our family business Axell, formerly Timmermans Transport, was founded in 1933 in the Netherlands (Diessen) and expanded to Poland in 1997.  The organization has grown considerably in almost 90 years from multi client warehouses to contract logistics. Today, Axell Group has 9 locations in the Netherlands and Poland, every day we have 125 trucks on the road and approximately 150,000 m2 of storage capacity. 

Jo Timermans registers J.A.C. Timmermans as a trading company in straw

Timmermans is the biggest straw supplyer of the Netherlands

Jo and his wife To move to the Julianastraat in Diessen where the first sheds are being built

Shift in the core business, from trade to logistics – storage Philips corrugated cardboard

Son Jan joins the company, he drives around on the forklift and gets his big driver's license

Jan Timmermans takes over the company from his father

Major investment in the fleet, new halls, office and canteen and our own workshop for maintenance

Timmermans acquired transpor company "In 't Veld" in Etten-Leur with over 18.500m2 of logistics

The cooperation with Poland starts and the first warehouse Ponetex in Rakoniewice is opened

Opening van Ponetex warehouse in Nowy Tomysl Polen

The passing of Jan Timmermans and the entry of Henriette Timmermans into the organization in december

Ponetex opens a new rerminal in Chorzów and more than doubles the capacity in Skierniewice with new building

Rebranding, Ponetex and Timmermans becomes Axell Group

Opening new warehouses in Teresin, Gliwice (PL) and Etten-Leur (NL)

Installation of 5.000 solar panels on the roof of the warehouse in Etten-Leur (NL)

Axell Logistics switches to HVO100 - an alternative fossil free fuel - to reduce CO2 emission

Onze kernwaarden


We can do business successfully with, by and for people


Speaking expectations and showing trust in each other


We work hard, are always critical and positive


Flexible, innovative and efficient family business


We deploy our services, people and knowledge in the best way


A certificate gives confidence. Trust in our products, services, (management) processes and employees. With a certificate we demonstrate that our organization works efficiently and safely, that we control the work and work processes and that we strive for sustainability.

We want to certify ourselves in order to become even better as an organization and to have insight into our areas for development. But we also want to certify ourselves for our customers and to attract new customers.

In addition to logistics services, we are also specialized in the field of job placement and payrolling. Would you like to know more about these additional services?


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Axell Logistics also offers customized solutions for the retail sector

We offer superior warehouse and distribution concepts for both food and non-food products. Our years of experience and the most up-to-date supply chain knowledge ensure: an optimal, sustainable and cost-efficient supply chain. That is what Axell Logistics is all about. Read more about Retail solutions at Axell Logistics.

E-fulfilment is the total solution from Axell Logistics

As an e-tailer you have to focus on your core activities such as: marketing and selling your products. You don't want to worry about storage facilities, inventory management and delivery logistics. With multiple services under one roof, we provide your one-stop solution. That is what Axell Logistics is all about. Our e-Fulfillment services include packaging, consumer returns handling and refurbishment. Because we offer both e-fulfillment and B2B fulfillment, we can be your one-stop logistics partner.

Read more about VAL at Axell Logistics.

Axell Logistics also offers customized solutions for the fashion and lifestyle sector

For the FMCG Lifestyle & Fashion sector, Axell offers superior, tailor-made solutions for storage, fulfillment and distribution. That is what Axell Logistics is all about. Goods ranging from shoes, pet food, consumer electronics and other high-quality items are: transported from our warehouses to stores across Europe. In addition to supplying suplies on pallets, trolleys or in boxes if required, we also handle return logistics shipments and VAL (Value Added Logistics) activities for our customers. Read more about VAL service at Axell Logistics.

What can Axell Group do for you?

Axell Group combines the strengths of Axell Logistics and Axell Financials and offers a wide range of creative and flexible tailor-made solutions to support the logistics processes of its customers. This is realized by many locations in the Netherlands and Poland. Axell Group has 150 internal employees, 125 modern trucks and 150.000 m2 of storage capacity. Axell Logistics originally (1932) Timmermans Transport & Logistics had grown into an international logistics company, with 2 locations in the Netherlands (Diessen and Etten-Leur) and 5 in Poland. In addition to distribution in the Benelux and Poland, Axell Logistics is also an international transport specialist on the Benelux-Germany-Poland corridor. We also have ample warehouse space in the Netherlands and Poland where storage and transhipment, value added service and e-fulfilment activities for various customers take place. Axell Financial Is specialized in accounting and payrolling. Remuneration of permanent and flex employees requires extensive administration, professional knowledge and therefore time and costs. We have had this expertise inhouse for many years, and we support many companies with payrolling. We do payrolling in the Netherlands as well as in Poland. In Poland, we also provide a full package of accountancy services.  

What is Axell Group?

Our family business Axell was founded in 1933 in the Netherlands and expanded to Poland in 1997. The organization had grown considerably in almost 90 years. Today, Axell Group had over 10 locations in the Netherlands and Poland, with 150 internal employees, 125 modern trucks and 150.000 m2 of storage capacity. We combine the strengths of Axell Logistics and Axell Financial to offer a wide range of creative and flexible tailor-made solutions to support our customers' production and logistics processes. Would you like to know what Axell Group can do for your organisation? See the pages of Axell Logistics and Axell Financial.  

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