Value Added Service

With our extensive knowledge and experience in value added services, we are able to provide you with fully integrated logistical solutions.

Additional Services

In the logistics sector, it’s no longer just about transportation. Beyond moving products from point A to point B, Axell Logistics offers valuable additional services known as value added services. These extra services include custom packaging and accurate labeling. The goal of value added services (VAS) is to add extra value to the logistics process and supply chain, beyond basic services.

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Our Value Added Services

Each shipment differs in size and preparation. Axell Logistics has extensive experience in providing numerous services that add value to your products, such as:

Packaging: Ensures the safe and efficient packaging of your products to prevent damage during transport.

Labeling: Applies correct and specific labels to your products for better traceability and regulatory compliance.

Quality Controls: Inspects your products to ensure they meet the required standards before shipping to the customer.

Display Assembly: Assembles and sets up your store displays for an attractive retail presentation.

Multi-packs: Combines multiple products into one package for promotional or sales purposes.

Assembly: Puts together components into a complete product.

Special Packaging: Designs and creates custom packaging for your specific product needs.

Return Management (RMA): Manages the return process of your products, including inspection, repair, and repackaging.

Customs Handling: Axell Logistics ensures that your complex customs formalities are handled efficiently and legally, in collaboration with the right parties.

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A partnership with Axell Logistics means:


With over 90 years in the market, we offer reliable and proven logistics solutions.


We provide tailored solutions that perfectly match your unique needs.


Clarity and openness form the basis of a strong relationship.


Our clients stay with us for an average of 10 to 15 years, reflecting our sustainable relationships and your trust.


Since 1933, we have been finding the best solutions for you, from point A to point B.


Benefits of Value Added Logistics

Relief is the keyword that summarizes our value added services. We excel at optimizing logistics processes and adding value to your products. This saves you time and costs, improves efficiency, and leads to higher customer satisfaction. Let us tackle your logistical challenges so you can focus entirely on excelling in your field.


Realtime insight into products and orders

All processes can be fully tailored to your situation through data exchange. With the OrderFlow Warehouse Management System (WMS) used in the Netherlands and the Quantum Qguar WMS used in Poland, you can easily view the status of products and orders. At any time of the day, you can see which products are in stock, which have been shipped, and which have been returned.


Standard options or customized solutions

The logistics process is different for every client, and we are happy to accommodate that. Together, we discuss your needs to determine where Axell Logistics can add the most value. You are in control, but we are ready to offer advice as well. As experienced professionals, we present tailored Value Added Services (VAS) that help your business grow even further.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Axell Logistics also offers customized solutions for the fashion and lifestyle sector

For the FMCG Lifestyle & Fashion sector, Axell offers superior, tailor-made solutions for storage, fulfilment and distribution. That is what Axell Logistics is all about. Goods ranging from shoes, pet food, consumer electronics and other high-quality items are: transported from our warehouses to stores across Europe. In addition to supplying suplies on pallets, trolleys or in boxes if required, we also handle return logistics shipments and VAL (Value Added Logistics) activities for our customers. Read more about VAL service at Axell Logistics.

Axell Logistics also offers customized solutions for the retail sector

We offer superior warehouse and distribution concepts for both food and non-food products. Our years of experience and the most up-to-date supply chain knowledge ensure: an optimal, sustainable and cost-efficient supply chain. That is what Axell Logistics is all about. Read more about Retail solutions at Axell Logistics.

E-fulfilment is the total solution from Axell Logistics

As an e-tailer you have to focus on your core activities such as: marketing and selling your products. You don't want to worry about storage facilities, inventory management and delivery logistics. With multiple services under one roof, we provide your one-stop solution. That is what Axell Logistics is all about. Our e-Fulfillment services include packaging, consumer returns handling and refurbishment. Because we offer both e-fulfillment and B2B fulfillment, we can be your one-stop logistics partner.

Read more about VAL at Axell Logistics.

How do I get in touch with Axell Group?

We are available from Monday to Friday between 08:30 till 17:30. You can indicate which information you wish to receive via the contact form on the contact page. It is logical that we aim to answer you as soon as possible. If you are not sure what to do, you can always contact us by phone during office hours. Click here for the contact details of Axell Group.

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