Warehousing services

With a combined warehouse capacity of 150,000 m2 in the Netherlands and Poland, Axell Logistics is able to meet your long-term and temporary storage needs.

What is warehousing?

Warehousing is the process of storing goods in a warehouse or storage facility. This includes receiving, managing, storing, and shipping products. The goal is to keep goods safe and efficient until they are needed for distribution or sale. Key activities within warehousing include inventory management, order picking, and tracking stock levels.

Within logistics services, warehousing is an essential component. Warehousing is an indispensable link for companies as it helps ensure the continuity of the supply chain.

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How does the warehousing process unfold?

Understanding the warehousing services begins with a clear view of the process. It initiates with the arrival of goods at the distribution center, where the delivery’s quantity and condition undergo verification. Subsequently, the goods are offloaded, sorted, and transported to their designated storage location. During the storage phase, items are strategically placed on shelves or racks, tailored to their type, size, and specific storage requirements.

The goods are then transitioned to the packing and staging area. In the order-picking phase, we meticulously match each product with its corresponding order. The final stage is preparing the goods for the customer, which includes a thorough final inspection and loading onto a delivery vehicle, ensuring a seamless handover.


Your Reliable Partner

Safety, flexibility, and comprehensiveness are our priorities. That’s why we go the extra mile to meet your expectations! We have an in-depth knowledge of logistics and warehousing: we boast extensive warehouse space in the Netherlands and Poland, equipped with modern machinery such as forklifts, electric pallet jacks, and reach trucks. Moreover, we have a team of specialists who ensure the safe storage, picking, and loading of goods daily. All this enables us to provide comprehensive warehousing services at the highest level.

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Your Goods in Our Warehouse

Optimize your storage today with Axell Logistics’ reliable warehousing solutions!

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Our Warehouse Services

Outsourcing your warehousing to Axell Logistics means peace of mind and efficiency. Instead of managing your own warehouse, you can rely on our professional services that ensure optimal inventory management and order processing. Choosing Axell Logistics? Then you will experience the benefits of a reliable partner who takes care of your warehousing down to the last detail.

3PL Warehouse

Together with our colleagues from Axell Transport, we offer 3PL services from our dedicated and multi-client warehouse locations. By working according to the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) principle, we ensure that communication with our clients is always spot on and proactive. We take care of all common warehouse activities to optimize your supply chain.


Order Picking

At Axell Logistics, we offer order picking services that ensure fast, accurate, and efficient processing of your orders. Our system is designed to quickly locate and collect the right products, reducing lead time and increasing customer satisfaction. We offer various forms of order picking, such as pallet pick, where a full pallet is picked from the location, usually as it has been received. Additionally, we have box picking, which involves picking a box from a location. For smaller units, we offer piece/item pick, where individual items are picked from a location, often after opening the pallet and then the box. This is essentially the smallest unit that can be picked.


Clear Inventory Management

Our warehouse locations operate on special Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), supported by our own IT department. This ensures a seamless transfer of data between your operating system and our WMS. This can be done via a secure EDI, XML, API, or CSV integration between your ERP system or webshop and our WMS.


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A partnership with Axell Logistics means:


With over 90 years in the market, we offer reliable and proven logistics solutions.


We provide tailored solutions that perfectly match your unique needs.


Clarity and openness form the basis of a strong relationship.


Our clients stay with us for an average of 10 to 15 years, reflecting our sustainable relationships and your trust.


Since 1933, we have been finding the best solutions for you, from point A to point B.

Efficiency in Every Square Meter

Our family business, active since 1933 in the Netherlands, has expanded to 8 locations in the Netherlands and Poland thanks to boundless dedication. With a combined storage capacity of 150,000 m² and a fleet of trucks, we offer logistic services to a wide and international clientele.

At Axell Logistics, we utilize these 150,000 square meters of storage space down to the last centimeter for optimal efficiency. Our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) ensures precise inventory management, while strategically placed racks and pallet positions offer maximum storage capacity.

By using automated processes, we minimize processing times. Our warehouses are also equipped with modern security systems to ensure the safety of your goods. Sustainability is at the core of all our services, as evidenced by the use of heat pumps, solar panels, ECO-combis, and HVO100 fuel.

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Industry-Specific Warehouse Facilities and Capabilities

At Axell Logistics, we offer industry-specific warehouse facilities and capabilities for companies in the retail, fashion, high-tech, healthcare (medical devices), consumer products, and renewable energy sectors. Whatever your industry, we can create a tailored solution for your needs.


E-commerce Distribution Center

For emerging online stores, managing a smaller number of orders may seem easier, but without experience, it can be quite challenging. Moreover, investing in warehouse facilities and logistics infrastructure is very costly. Fulfillment then offers the perfect solution. Axell Logistics ensures efficient storage, shipping, customer service, and returns handling, so you maintain full control over your webshop. Click here for more information about our fulfillment services.

Combined Warehouse Capacity

With a combined warehouse capacity of 150,000 m² in the Netherlands and Poland, Axell Logistics is equipped to meet your varying storage needs. Whether it’s for retail, fashion, high-tech, electronics & technology, healthcare (medical devices), consumer products, food and beverages, or renewable energy products, each warehouse has its own specific features.


Fast Delivery in the Netherlands, Poland, and the Rest of Europe

We offer warehouse solutions and European distributor services for international consumer goods manufacturers. Your customers (dealers and e-commerce platforms) often intentionally keep their inventories low. By storing your stock in our warehouses in the Netherlands and Poland, you are able to quickly supply your European customers with products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

E-fulfilment is the total solution from Axell Logistics

As an e-tailer you have to focus on your core activities such as: marketing and selling your products. You don't want to worry about storage facilities, inventory management and delivery logistics. With multiple services under one roof, we provide your one-stop solution. That is what Axell Logistics is all about. Our e-Fulfillment services include packaging, consumer returns handling and refurbishment. Because we offer both e-fulfillment and B2B fulfillment, we can be your one-stop logistics partner.

Read more about VAL at Axell Logistics.

Axell Logistics also offers customized solutions for the retail sector

We offer superior warehouse and distribution concepts for both food and non-food products. Our years of experience and the most up-to-date supply chain knowledge ensure: an optimal, sustainable and cost-efficient supply chain. That is what Axell Logistics is all about. Read more about Retail solutions at Axell Logistics.

Axell Logistics also offers customized solutions for the fashion and lifestyle sector

For the FMCG Lifestyle & Fashion sector, Axell offers superior, tailor-made solutions for storage, fulfilment and distribution. That is what Axell Logistics is all about. Goods ranging from shoes, pet food, consumer electronics and other high-quality items are: transported from our warehouses to stores across Europe. In addition to supplying suplies on pallets, trolleys or in boxes if required, we also handle return logistics shipments and VAL (Value Added Logistics) activities for our customers. Read more about VAL service at Axell Logistics.

How do I get in touch with Axell Group?

We are available from Monday to Friday between 08:30 till 17:30. You can indicate which information you wish to receive via the contact form on the contact page. It is logical that we aim to answer you as soon as possible. If you are not sure what to do, you can always contact us by phone during office hours. Click here for the contact details of Axell Group.

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