Value added logistics

No logistic processes are the same and therefore do not require the same solution. We can be widely deployed in the field of value added logistics. Either at our own locations or on site at the client, we provide a variety of services such as (re)labeling, co-packing, attaching price stickers, assembling shop displays and packaging gift packs. We guarantee:

  • Easy up and down-scaling

Our sister company Axell Employment has sufficient capacity and people with the right qualifications to carry out these activities on demand.

  • Extensive knowledge of logistic engineering and ICT

Our own engineers are ready to analyze and optimize processes. ICT plays an important role in this regard. We also have expertise from strategy to implementation in this area.

  • Investment in sustainable collaboration

When we engage in a long-term collaboration, we regularly invest together with the client. From the construction of a new warehouse to the purchase of machines and the optimization of ICT systems. Such customer-specific investments lead to unique solutions and better returns.

Looking for other services? We can also help you with that! Contact us and we’ll get back to you within one working day.