In both the Netherlands and Poland, Axell Group has warehouses available at strategic locations. In these locations, we carry out all common logistics services, such as storage, cross-docking, picking and packing activities and value added logistics. This unique combination guarantees you:

  • Flexibility

As a client, you can decide whether you want to use a dedicated location or public warehouse. We can also take over the warehouse operations from your own location. Most of our warehouses are owned by Axell Group, a few are rented. Axell Group also has the necessary customs permits for bonded warehousing.

  • Optimum transport flow

Our warehouses are based in logistics hotspots in the Netherlands and Poland. These facilitate efficient transport between the Netherlands and Poland, linking distribution in Eastern and Western Europe.

  • Efficiency

Thanks to both Class A and B warehouses, we are able to offer a competitive price and continue to be flexible. Up scaling and down scaling is always possible and we can offer wide support services with our years of experience in storage and handling systems.

We are currently located in:

Square meters warehouses

The Netherlands Poland
Diessen (at the end of 2018): 35.810m2 Rakoniewice: 10.000m2
Etten-Leur: (april 2018): 47.006m2 Nowy Tomysl: 10.000m2
Roosendaal: (april 2018): 14.117m2 Buk: (beginning 2018): 5.000m2
Total: 96.933m2 Skierniewice (at the end of 2018): 21.000m2
Chorzów: 4.000m2
Total: 50.000m2